We offer you the solution to optimize your personnel development processes

These days, executive coaching is recognised in many modern companies as an effective means for executives to enhance their skills. Within the scope of digitisation, HR departments are having to deal with the issue of how to automatise personnel development processes and make them scalable. We have a solution for this.

Cosmikk® – Integrated. Digital. Scalable.

Our vision

Better leadership for a better world

The world needs better leadership. We enable companies to improve the quality of their own day-to-day leadership through the use of leadership development measures such as executive coaching. Integrated. Digital. Scalable.

Our values

We are transparent

We assign serious importance to transparency and professionalism in our work.

We are fair

We always endeavour to be fair, honest and to treat all everyone equally in our collaboration with coaches, clients, partners and employees.

We are uncomplicated

We rely on simplicity and a direct approach in our work and, in an increasingly digital world, we trust in direct, one-on-one communication between people.

We are ambitious

Our solution integrates the advantages for companies, clients, coaches and coaching providers, thus providing an innovative and ambitious new development which supports HR departments on their path to a digitalised future.

We are at the forefront

Many years of business and development experience are embedded in our solutions making us innovative pioneers on the market.

Our team

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Uwe Achterholt
Managing Director

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Karsten Drath


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